Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eleni's 3rd Birthday Party

One month ago today our little munchkin turned 3!!

Here are the photos from her party...that was also 1 month ago....I'm not going to comment about these being a month late because honestly, I'm impressed with myself for getting them up before Thanksgiving...

 Eleni and Apostolis with their noise makers,
not that they needed them,
they're very good at making a lot of noise without them...

 Our little friend Barbara (pronounced var-VAR-a in Greek)

 A new friend on the left, with her mommy Sofia 
Danai on the right, Eleni's very good friend who had her 3rd birthday Friday 
and is having her big birthday bash today....Eleni is WAY excited...

 Apostolis finding ways to make noise makers even noiser
Well done bud!
I see a future career path emerging...

 Cousin Maria in back
Elenaki with Yorgia

by some miracle, 
sleeping peacefully through all the noise and chaos

 Having fun

 Michaela and her red balloon

 Theia Eleni (Aunt Eleni) with Yorgia
...Olympia is still snoozing

 Pig tails

 Aaaaand our usual battle...
"Eleni, can you take a nice picture with mommy? Look at Baba and smile!"

So then I try to make her laugh....

 And as usual, I remind myself that Eleni dances to the beat of her own drum
and I give up the fight
Who needs boring old posed photos anyway?!

Blowing out her candles to the Greek version of Happy Birthday

 Oh look! Olympia decided to join us finally!
She must have smelled chocolate cake...
that always wakes me up too
Yorgia and Olympia with Maria

We light the candles again and sing Happy Birthday in English
What a lucky girl, getting to blow out the candles twice every year...
that's TWO wishes every year!

And now, we're off to Danai's birthday party!
Gaga and Papa, get ready for a high speed, sugar filled chat on Skype should be interesting!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

First Day of School

As's been a while!

We're all sick over here so instead of working on Saturday night like I usually do, I'm home with the girls watching movies and eating chicken's tough! 

And while a 14 hour marathon of cartoons is super fun, I thought I'd take a little break from that and update the blog

The main thing I wanted to add today was photos of Eleni's birthday party....which 
was only about a month ago....but then I realized that they're all on Antonis' phone, which is of course with Antonis in the restaurant. So I guess the next blog will be about Eleni's 3rd birthday...and probably Christmas...but lets hope I find some free time before that

Things have been BUSY over here! 

Eleni had her first day of preschool on Tuesday!  

The night before I tried to talk to her a bit about school:

ME: Eleni, are you excited about school tomorrow?
E: No
ME: Why?
E: I don't know
ME: are you a little nervous? Because that's ok if you are, I was always nervous on my first day of sc...
E: (interrupts me) Actually mom, I don't really care. Ask me tomorrow.

Well then.

I will!

And I did. But this time she was excited, although you can't tell by the photos...  

"Eleni, you know you smile if you want to"
"Is that your usual smile?"

"Seriously kiddo, give me my mommy moment and smile nice for the camera!"

"Wait mom, I gotta check something"

"K, I'm ready now!"
close enough....

Good morning kisses for Olympia before school, 
which was insanely cute but of course 

Going to school!

Checking out her classroom

Rania, her teacher, showing her around

Joining the other kids it goes...

Aaaaaand no problem!
Instant friends!

Olympia made friends too
Maria, another teacher

Baba and Yorgia

Another reason things are so busy around here:

The twins are both crawling! 

The day after my last post, Yorgia started crawling. 2 weeks ago Olympia decided to join her....and now she's trying to race her all around the house.


She sees Yorgia crawling toward the kitchen, she giggles, and takes off like a bullet! It's hilarious!

"Olympia, can I please get a picture of you WITHOUT you trying to grab the camera?"
And of course you can see the 2 little chicklet teeth on the bottom, there's also a third just starting to come through on the top


"Olympia, seriously, it's mommy's camera"

"OH! Mommy! I didn't see you there!"

Reading time with Eleni and Yorgia


Reading time duck faces

"Olympia! It's MY camera!"

"Whatcha doin' mom? Oh, you were trying to take a nice picture of both of us? How about an extreme close up of just me?"

So that's what's happening here! We're adjusting to a new routine since we have to get out of the  house early in the morning for school. I'm beyond stressed out about this crawling, since they ALWAYS seem to take off in different directions and ALWAYS towards something they shouldn't go to. Add that to all the usual daily things: cooking for everyone, feeding everyone, cleaning up after everyone 5000 times, changing 10,000 diapers dealing with the 1000 or so refugees that have arrived in Molyvos every single day...oh yeah, there's that too but lets not talk about that today. I'm running from 6am until 8 or 9pm every night! 

But not right now. Right now, I'm going to get back to the cartoon marathon and sniffly, sneezy snuggles

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Everything Since April

It's been a while!

So here's what's been happening since April

 First Easter! 
Yorgia Nora and Olympia Zoe

 Gaga and Papa came to visit and it was sooooo fun!
Eleni keeps asking why they don't just get in their car and come over again

Big Sissy Eleni's name day May 21st 

 After a very large piece of chocolate cake and ice cream
and miraculously
the dress is still clean!

 5 months old
Here you go Gramma, can you see Olympia has your dimples?

 We like to hold hands

 A flower for mommy

 Yorgia loving the fresh morning air outside in the play pen

 Olympia approves also

 Eleni thinks photobombing is hilarious

 Afternoons in the garden
bouncing around....

 ...and eating watermelon

 Our little stars

 Yorgia's a girl after my own heart

 Pool time in the garden, just us and the dragon

 What's happening mommy??
About to try baby cereal for the first time
It was a success!
Now they're also having some pureed carrots, apples and pears
Olympia's favourite is pears 
Yorgia HATES pears 
she'd rather have carrots 
Olympia HATES carrots....
but they both like apples, thankfully they agree on something

 cousins Tassos and Thalia come for a visit from Australia 
with their kids Eleni and Yorgos
Eleni and Eleni are just 6 months apart
Yorgos, Olympia and Yorgia are 4 months apart

 Bravo Yorgo!

 Eleni's such a big girl, she decided to wash her hair by herself
in the sinkt
with hand soap

 We found the toys mommy!

Putting Baba's hair in a pony tail is soooo funny!
Another hair stylist in the family

So Olympia and Yorgia are 6 months old now. Last visit to the pediatrician, Olympia was 8kg and Yorgia is 7kg, still WAY bigger than the average twin. Yorgia is VERY close to crawling, probably later this week she'll figure out that if she puts her hand foward it will stop her from toppling over and doing a face plant into the floor. Once she figures that out.....she's off! Olympia is nearly sitting up on her own, her balance is getting really good. She's not trying too hard to crawl yet, which is fine by me. Eleni is the BEST big sister ever, and such a good little helper. She keeps us all entertained all day long. She's been learning her English letters. She already can say both alphabets, Greek and English, but now she's picking out English letters and identifying them....yes, she IS a genius!

Now, gotta run but lets hope I can do this again soon!