Monday, March 23, 2015

2 Month Catch-Up

I had planned to have the next post be the twins birth story....I'm still working on's a big story and I only have, what seems like, 30 seconds every 2 weeks to type something. So, it's coming eventually, I'm just not sure when. And I'm sure most of you aren't that worried about it anyway since birth stories can be gross and/or terrifying....I'm keeping that in mind and editing accordingly...

In the mean time, the twins are 2 months old already! So they've changed a lot and you need to see that so I have a bunch of pictures to show you today to get you caught up on the last couple months.

It hasn't been the best couple of months to be honest. There's been a lot of illness, a lot of time spent in the hospital, and a lot of long days and nights taking care of 3 kids by myself. 

First , Eleni had the flu. Fever and throwing up. She never gets sick so she was really upset for a couple of days

Next, Olympia had the flu which had us in the hospital for one night on Valentines Day.

Then Yorgia had bronchitis. This was really bad and I have a hard time talking about it. When we brought her into the hospital the pediatrician wrapped her in a blanket, took her in her arms and ran up to the pediatric wing. Then there were suddenly 3 doctors working on her, she was barely breathing, she was grey....I can't even go on. I thought I was going to lose my baby. But she's a tough little cookie and the pediatricians at the hospital did an amazing job. We stayed in the hospital for 5 days, she was on 3 different antibiotics, stayed under an oxygen hood for 4 days and had to wear an oxygen mask for 20 minutes about 4-5 times a day. I wasn't allowed to nurse her for the first 2 days because they didn't want the weight of her full stomach to push on her poor little distressed lungs, so she was fed through an IV for the first 2 days. It was horrible, but she's back to normal now thankfully.

While in the hospital I got sinusitis and the flu. That was painful and miserable but I had a sick baby to take care of so I just kept taking Tylenol (which I NEVER do) and squirting saline solution up my nose, and carried on as if nothing was happening.

Then, Antonis got sick. Really sick. Pneumonia and a really strong virus that is something like H1N1. The doctors think he probably picked it up while we were in the hospital with Yorgia. He ended up in the hospital for a week and the doctor said if he'd waited one more day to come in, he probably would have died. But some major antibiotics and lung treatments and 8 days in hospital he was finally doing well enough to be released, but not well enough to come home. He had to spend the next week at his parent's house because it was too dangerous to have him near the kids. Yesterday was his first day home with us finally after 2 weeks! The restaurant was closed for a few days because Lefteris was on his own and then he got sick, which freaked us all out that maybe he had the same thing Antonis had but thankfully it wasn't. Antonis still has a lot of medication, including an inhaler-type thing that he has to take for a whole month, but he's doing a lot better and even was able to go back to work today.

And now....well we have a gastrointestinal thing going on around here now and Eleni has a cough.....

Maybe next week we'll finally all be healthy?....Please????

So here's some photos from the last 2 months. Actually, this is about all the photos I was able to take because taking care of twins and a toddler, all alone....not a lot of free time, or even a free hand to pick up the camera. But everyday gets a little easier, and I'm getting better at strategically placing the camera around the house so I can as many photos as possible. Time is going by fast and we're all going to want to look back and see what was happening during this crazy time in our lives.

Crazy? Hmmm, some days I think 'chaos' might be a better word to describe it....but I love it! How could I not? Look how cute and amazing they all are!!

 Miss Eleni

 Eating too many cookies and playing outside

 and having too much fun!

 Eleni and Mommy wishing it were summer 

 Big sister Eleni taking the babies for their first walk

 2 weeks - Yorgia on the top, Olympia sleeping on the bottom

 1 month,Olympia on the top this time, Yorgia yelling at someone

 Still yelling....

 Olympia doing some tummy time

 I've been trying to get a photo of Olympia's gorgeous dimple, 
but I'm never fast enough.
But you can kind of see it here....
I, of course, missed the shot of the biggest smile ever right after this....

 7 weeks, smiles and matching jammies!
Yorgia on top, Olympia on the bottom
They look so different, maybe I don't need to point out which is which anymore?

 Big sissy Eleni sneaks in

 Olympia smiling for mommy, 
just moments before Eleni jumps in for a big cuddle

 Pre-nap cuddles with Yorgia and Eleni

 Eleni's learning about the Easter Bunny....
I'm all about diving head first into the stuff we're learning
even if it means she'll be seeing a therapist when she's 30 because her mother made her wear a bunny suit and put it on the internet....

 Woo hoo! We're 2 months old!
Olympia the cheerleader, Yorgia the spectator

 Big sissy Eleni gets in on the fun again

 Yorgia close up, in her 'Grandma's Little Girl' onesie
and one of the lovely Lorraine's gorgeous sweaters!

 Olympia...she's actually watching tv here

Olympia and crazy Eleni

 More Yorgia smiles!

This was Eleni this morning, 
not impressed that mommy had the camera out already
I guess I could have at least let her have her "coffee" first
(shh, it's actually just milk...but don't tell her that)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

And Another Chapter Begins

Ohhhhhh my GOD!!

The craziness that has gone on around here lately! So much to tell in so little time!

Today I'll just share the important points and few photos. As soon as I find another spare (but proving to be rare) minute I'll tell you all about the epic birthday and add some more photos 

For now, here's the important stuff you want to know:

  • We're all healthy, happy and doing really really well - Olympia does have a touch of jaundice but nothing to be concerned about according to the pediatrician who cleared us to go home a day early
The babies:
  • Born: January 21 - Olympia at 1:15pm, Yorgia at 1:20pm
  • Olympia: weighed 3kg 330grams (7lbs 3oz) and 49 cm (19 inches)
  • Yorgia: weighed 3kg 60 grams (6lbs 7oz) and also 49 cm (19 inches)
  • both are gaining weight and getting cuter and more amazing everyday
  • they don't have middle names yet...we know 1 for sure, the other we're choosing between 3 options, and we don't know which name to give to which baby yet
  • I actually went into the hospital last sunday because my blood pressure was a little high
  • Tuesday the doctor decided we'd induce labour before situation got dangerous, and besides the girls we already full term anyway at 37 1/2 weeks, and around 2.5kg each (haha, so we thought)
  • Wednesday, after 5 hours of labour and the 30 minutes or so of the craziest delivery ever (I'll tell you later, don't worry it's not gross, but it's definitely interesting!), I was holding 2 very beautiful, very healthy, and very big baby girls
  • the blood pressure and everything else went back to normal immediately after
  • he hasn't stopped smiling for last week
  • is a very proud and helpful big sister who gives tons of kisses and hugs but is not so excited that they poop and cry!
Some photos for you:

The night before the big day
can't wait to shed some of this 27kg weight gain...
can't wait to hold some new babies!

Twinnies on day 2! 
Olympia on the left
Yorgia on the right

Baba and Yorgia

Mommy and Olympia

Eleni and Olympia

Eleni and Yorgia

Now a few photos from cousin Katerina who joined us for the big birthday

Just born

 Holding the twins
about 30 mins after delivery
I have twins! So crazy!!



Papous Yorgos meeting his new granddaughters 

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Quick Update

I'm just popping in to let everyone know we're still alive....we're just without internet.

So 'alive' as one can be in this day and age without internet, I suppose, is a matter of opinion......I'm of the opinion that the world does not go around without it and how in the heck did we ever live without it?!?!?!?!

I don't have any photos for you today because I'm trying to download a few movies for Eleni, and downloading movies while uploading photos equals just waaaay too much time waiting around for things to happen.

Why am I downloading movies? Because we also don't have TV at the house yet.....

Yes. I know. No internet. No TV.

And here's the really fun part: I've been told by my doctor that now I need to spend most of my time laying no going for walks, so trips to the park with Eleni, no bringing her to the restaurant to run around like a miniature maniac, no nothing! Just lay down, relax and watch the same kids movies that we have on DVD over and over and over and over and over again.


So we don't have internet because we're on satellite internet out in the country, so that means we have a limit of 20 Gigabytes per month.....none of this unlimited internet access that we're so used to in 'normal life' these days....and what the heck is a gigabyte? I don't really know, all I know is if you want to check your email, go on Facebook, do a bit of Pinterest, look up some random info, watch a few youtube videos, talk on skype, write a little blog about your super exciting life, then you should be perfectly fine with 20GB per month. But when you don't have TV, and you watch more then a few hours a day of tv using your satellite internet, as well as all these other little things we do on a daily basis and take for granted......then you run out of gigabytes after just 2 weeks, and have to spend the next 2 weeks of the month waiting for next month's gigabytes to kick in again so you can get back to your 'normal life'!!

But we live and we learn. Right? Riiiiiight........

As for the lazing around on the couch as per doctor's orders....well, about 10 days ago I was in the hospital for a couple of days because the twins were trying to make their way into the world a little too early. I went into the hospital on a Friday afternoon, got put into a bed and hooked up to an IV of magnesium to stop contractions, and that's where I stayed until Sunday afternoon. I was allowed to get up to use the bathroom, shower, etc, but not much more then that. Everything's fine now but I'm not allowed to do any housework (awwww darn it! But I LOVE washing the dishes and doing laundry.......), no exercise of any kind, and I have to relax as much as possible so we can keep the twins in for at least 1 more month.

So that's what's going on in our lives, and why I haven't written anything in a while. I'm at the restaurant at the moment, using their internet, so I can add a few new kids movies to our daily line-up. Our next month's internet allowance starts on December 16th, so just 6 more days and I'll at least have a little more contact with the world again. Eleni's been sooooo good. Amazingly, she's perfectly happy to have her cartoons on and play with her toys in the living room. We play, we sing, we colour, we draw, we read books, watch the's not super exciting but it's what we have to do for the moment and she's getting along with it without any problem or complaints at all. And actually in the last week she's learned to count up to 20 in English (she could do up to 10 before) and she knows the whole alphabet! So there's something to this no-housework-thing....think I can keep not cleaning anything even after the twins arrive? Hmmmm, probably not but I'll definitely be getting a little more lazy with it.

Alright, well the movies have finished downloading (A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Muppets Christmas Carol, some Sofia the First, some Peppa Pig, Shrek's Christmas special in Greek, Elf and Eat.Pray.Love for me....which I've seen about 100 times but still love it anyway), Antonis wants to use the computer a little, I'm going to fill my giant belly with something yummy (not sure what yet) and then it's back to the house to lay down again......

Talk to you all again in about a week!

Oh, I almost forgot, we did some renovations on the restaurant. Well, I didn't do any obviously, but anyway I'll try to get Antonis to take some photos of that so I can include that in the next blog.

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Little Stroll in the Countryside

I've been doing NOTHING all day today and it's been lovely! 

(EDIT: I did nothing all day YESTERDAY...I didn't finish this post yesterday because it felt like too big of a job, so I quit and took a nap on the couch instead. Today I actually accomplished a lot...finishing this post is hopefully one of those things, but if I'm being honest.....that couch is calling my name again...)

I've been reading, I watched a movie, I played a little guitar and sang so loud I probably (hopefully) scared the foxes away.....

I was a little productive today, I guess....I've showered...dinner's in the oven (Bangers and Mash with roasted cauliflower and peas, if you're wondering) and I washed some baby clothes to get ready for the twins, which was exciting and a little sad at the same time...

Exciting because it's not long now and they'll be here!!!

A little sad because these clothes were all Eleni's not that long ago but she's grown up so much in such a short period of time. I can't believe these tiny little pajamas and t-shirts were once too big for her.....and now she's almost 2 1/2, wears clothes for 3 year-old-size, has a size 9 1/2 (Canadian) 25 (European) shoe, talks a mile a minute in English and Greek, sings full songs in both languages, and just generally does the most amazing, shocking and wonderful things on a daily basis.....


People tell you all the time when you have kids that time goes by fast.

And as much as that statement gets so boring to hear....time really does go by fast!

Anyway, so I'm starting to get ready for the twins since we're now 30 weeks along and according to one very intelligent woman I saw in the street last week "they'll be coming any day now!" 

.......they're not coming any day now...and just in case it wasn't obvious, she isn't actually a very intelligent woman.........

But as I just said, time goes by fast (are you bored yet?) so I figure it's better to get going on these things now, especially because I tend to favour laying on my couch over anything else these days. So by starting now I won't feel like I have to hurry and I won't feel guilty for the couch breaks. 

And it just occurred to me that I didn't mention that Eleni spent the day at her granparents house yesterday and that's how I managed to write 3 sentences of the blog, do an ear shattering solo concert in my kitchen then snore my head off in a puddle of drool for an hour or so on the couch....I don't do these things while she's around, if you were wondering. Not yet anyway.....

While I was sorting through the baby clothes I made an interesting discovery: 

Eleni was born in the summer.
The twins will be born in the winter.

Mind blowing, I know! 

But this is interesting because it means we're not quite as ready as I thought we were when it comes to baby clothes.

Lets talk about onesies for example: 

we have 68 onesies in total...
yes, that's an ENORMOUS, completely ridiculous amount
60 of those are short-sleeved, summertime onesies
only 8 are long-sleeved winter onesies

This means that as of right now, each twin has 4 onesies a day from the day they are born until about mid May or June when it gets warm enough to start wearing the t-shirt onesies.

That's about 4 months.....

About 120 days....

4 onesies a day....

Keeping in mind that babies can have exploding diaper poops that go all the way up their back, into their hair, sometimes 5 times a day or more.

Also keeping in mind that even if I manage make it on 4 onesies a day, because by some miracle they don't manage to poop on their own heads.....we hang all our clothes up outside to dry. No mechanical dryers that finish after 30 minutes and everything comes out warm and soft and fluffy and ready to wear. No, we hang it up outside and wait for a day...unless it rains....and when it rains for more then one hate your life. 

So without getting too dramatic about it, it's pretty clear we need to buy some more newborn sized long sleeved onesies, and maybe a few more warm pajamas.

On the plus side, we have a ton of hand knitted sweaters from family and friends that I'm SO excited to get some more use out of! I was literally squeaking, sqawking and making high pitched sounds that only slightly resembled real words, over the unbelievably cute collection of handmade sweater with matching booties and hats sets.

Anyway, so once I realized I was getting stressed about the baby clothes situation, I decided to go for a walk and take a few pictures of the neighbourhood.

Awww, look! 
Alonia is on the walking trail sign! 
I didn't know about this until now (yesterday)
Just .9km to go and you can come join us for an apres hike drink, snack, feast, whatever
That's great, I love this!

off the beaten track

ummm, I can't say I'm loving this....
but I guess it's kind of impressive in it's own way

Sheep bells!
These are responsible for that lovely Santa's Reindeer sound we hear all over the village

Soooo many olive trees

A selfie
...because I think selfies are stupid
...and people who take selfies look really stupid to everyone around them when they take a selfie
So this is my artistic expression of my feelings about 
The Selfie
summed up in selfie-form

Ironically, I got caught doing this
by an old man working in his garden...

...this garden
....he now thinks I'm a complete idiot...
I wanted to say to him, "Yes! That was exactly my point!" 
but that probably would have just made things worse.

Plus I wanted to take a photo of his charming little garden 
so I needed him to get back to work quickly 
and stop watching me 
so I could do more weird things, 
like putting my hands and camera through the chain-link fence to get a clear shot of his garden, 
while getting the wrist strap hung up on a broken piece of chain-link 
and almost dropping my camera on the other side of the fence
and making a weird yelping noise when this nearly happened.....

ya know, just normal going-out-for-a-walk-in-the-countryside behaviour....


Baby sheep!
I actually should have had my camera with my on Saturday because when we walked past this farm we discovered this little pen that's housing 2 ewe's and their twin babies!
But a storm was coming so there was only one little lamb outside of the little hut,
I could hear the other 5 inside 
but unfortunately no sheep family photos today.

Our lemon tree
which has tons of lemons right now.
Which also means I'm baking tons of lemon bars 
and drinking hot lemon 'tea' constantly.

And now, I think it's time to snuggle up with the couch and a lemon tea...and maybe a lemon bar or two.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hunting and Gathering

About a week ago Eleni found a little basket on the property. A small, plastic basket, covered in dirt and grass and smudgey-snail-gross-ness. It's actually meant for keeping clothes pins, I think, because it has a space on the handle where you can hang it on the clothes line....and she found it half buried in the dirt out by the clothes line, which also lead me to believe that that is what it's purpose is. Or what it's purpose was, anyway.

So a little clothes pin basket. Nothing special or exciting about that.

But this little basket has become a very important and extremely exciting addition to our daily routine. This little basket now lives outside the front door, waiting each day for us to step outside so Eleni can grab it tightly in her hot little hand and gallop around the yard searching for amazing treasures to fill it with!

Some of our favourite treasures to search for are:

  • SNAILS! Although preferably just the shells because Eleni finds the squishy, gooey snails a little gross. Not to mention, you can't hear the ocean roaring inside the shell if it's all filled up with fat snail
  • ROCKS! of all different colours and shapes
  • OLIVES! 
  • and anything else that looks interesting and can fit into the magic treasure basket....yes, we have tried to put one of the kittens in the basket - but she didn't find it as fun as we did.....

Yesterday's hunting and gathering mission: 
white snail shells!
Why just the white ones? 
I don't know.
That's what she wanted.
Thankfully she didn't say purple snail shells or else we'd still be out there...

The loot!
While she's specific about what the goal of the search is 
(for example: white snail shells), 
this is of course just a guide, 
since you never know what you're going to find out there 
and we need to be able to pick up and observe anything and everything we come across.....
even if it's sheep poo poo.....
but that was a lesson learned....
....she was really unhappy with that discovery,
I don't think she'll be adding sheep poop to the basket again

Baba got in on the search too which was fun,
 because we found out 
he's really good at finding snails

The house
and rain clouds, although amazingly it didn't end up raining

Now we've changed plans and decided to look for olives, 
which, around here, is a LOT easier than looking for snails...
...and the snails are pretty easy to find

Posing with Baba

After we're satisfied with all the treasures we've collected in our magical little basket,
we sit down at the big stone table to dump out the contents and examine them thoroughly,
....and we have a snack
....and sometimes we like to colour afterward

And since Baba joined us, 
we finally were able to use the extra set of hands to get a photo of the twins!
28 weeks, or 7 months along now!

We had our monthly check up on Monday, and my doctor was very happy with everything. The girls are just over 1kg each, which is a tiny bit above average for twins at this stage of pregnancy. They're both positioned with their heads down, and fairly close together, as if they're telling secrets to each other in there. It's very cute! They've been head down for a couple of months now, so there's no talk of scheduling a c-section yet, which I'm VERY grateful for. 

Did I mention that my doctor's last name is Maxairas?...
Yeah, this translates into something like 
"The Knives"....
...But Doctor Knives is very on board with my goal to give birth to the twins naturally, he's done it before and not concerned about it as long as things keep going the way they have been so far with the pregnancy. He also said, "Your cervix is fantastic!"....which is a little weird in the wording but good news anyway, and another reason why we have nothing to worry about right now in terms of how and when these babies will arrive. Everything is on track and looking good! "Fantastic" even.

And as for me, I passed my Gestational Diabetes test with flying colours!!! 


I'm doing a happy dance over that one, since Christmas is coming and no one wants to be on a strict diet at Christmas time! 
Also my blood pressure was perfect, which was a huge relief because from the beginning it's always measured a little high. Nothing the doctor was really concerned about, but enough that he asked me to monitor it at home and keep a record of it for him. I think finally getting moved into the new house probably helped a lot, because that was a pretty stressful situation for everyone. 

I've gained 16 kg (35lbs) so far, which Doctor Knives was also fine with although I'll have to careful during Christmas....not strict, but careful.

So everything is going very well. I will say, though, that as I've now entered the third trimester of pregnancy......I'm veeeeeeerrrrrry tired. Actually, if I'm being completely honest, some days I've never felt so tired in my life. I hate to say that because in about 2 short months I'll be experiencing 'tired' on a whole other level, but I'll talk about it anyway....I'm wiped out!  Also, it's quite a bit more painful to carry twins than it is to carry just one. At least for me anyway. I can feel feet and knees in my back, they're jabbing me up under the ribs, sometimes Baby A lodges herself into my pelvis in such a way that I can't move from the pain and all I can do is try to rub her back and make her move back to where she usually likes to hang out. And besides the babies, my body in general just aches from weight and pressure and loose joints's all usual pregnancy stuff though, and it will all be over soon enough. 

And I can still keep up with Eleni on our magic basket treasure hunts everyday, so that, for me, is enough to say that I'm doing just fine!

Have a good week everyone! And may all your baskets be over-flowing with treasures!