Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baby Talk


I've been having this same conversation with myself almost every night for the past 3 or 4 weeks. It's getting to the point where I think I may need to take away my own computer privileges or put myself in time out or something. This is ridiculous.

But actually I haven't been sleeping well the last 3 or 4 weeks because Eleni's been teething again. Poor little thing never gets just one at a time. This is our second round of teething, so far 3 have popped out this time around bringing us to a total of 9 teeth (finally) and they're all big molars. We'll see if there are still more to follow.

Not a fun time for our little munchkin.

Also not such a fun time for Mommy, but only because Eleni's decided she really likes sleeping in bed with us lately. 

I'm not a big fan of this arrangement. She's a wiggler. And a furnace. 

It think it's already crap that I have to share the bed with her father who is also a furnace, and a snorer....snoring? No this is more like the sound of a dull chainsaw hacking through a thousand year old tree....

So yeah, a wiggler, a chainsaw and all at the comfy, cozy temperature of 10,000 degrees. Good times!

I'm really hoping this is a temporary situation and she's just doing this because she's wanting some extra cuddles while all these massive teeth make their appearance. But I guess we'll see.....

And not only do we have some new teeth but we also have some new words! Actually, not just some. She says over 30 words now!! Here's the list:

  1. Baba
  2. Daddy
  3. Mama
  4. Mom
  5. Mommy
  6. Papa (for Grandpa)
  7. Yiayia ('Grandma' in Greek)
  8. Papou (Grandpa in Greek)
  9. Nonos ('Godfather in Greek)
  10. Nonai (also 'Godfather' in Greek)
  11. Yianni (the name of a lot of men)
  12. Baby
  13. Babi (a friend's name)
  14. Hi
  15. Bye bye
  16. Ya (for 'hi' and 'bye' in Greek)
  17. Yeah
  18. Yes
  19. Nai ('yes' in Greek)
  20. No
  21. Uh-oh
  22. Cheese
  23. Cookie 
  24. Tickle tickle
  25. Tick tock
  26. Shoes
  27. Ball
  28. Happy
  29. Ti ('what' in Greek)
  30. Pou ('where' in Greek)
  31. Kako ('bad' in Greek)
  32. Kaka ('poo' in Greek...yep)
  33. Poo (yep, thanks for that Katrine)
  34. Pee 
  35. Kitty
  36. Cat
  37. Mooo (for a cow noise)
She's chatty! And Mommy is SO proud because this is just amazing considering she's only 14 months old and she's learning 2 languages at the same time. Oh, she also said her first sentence last week....."Mommy NO!" Good girl!

And now after all this bragging I'm realizing that I don't actually have any news about anything other than my child......and that's probably why my parents are the only people that bother reading this blog....

Anyway, I'll try to be a bit more social in the next few days so I have some non-baby-related material to entertain you with. Until then, I'm not quite done with the bragging....she's also learning how to use a fork and a spoon!

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