Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fun in the Kitchen!


How are you?

Over the years I've noticed that when you ask a Greek person "how are you?" most of the time they're going to tell you they're fine. They will NEVER say that they're not fine, but sometimes they'll say

"I'm trying."

You're trying? You're trying to what? Find a new job? Invent the perfect cake recipe? Lay an egg? What?


It's very confusing. 

But my guess is that since they don't like to say they're not fine, then maybe that's what "I'm trying" actually means. It's like they're putting a positive twist on what seems to be a negative connotation. 

Why does it seem to be a negative connotation? It's the way they say it! 

It's like they just stuffed all the depression 
from every country & western song ever written 
into 1 word!
(it's one word in Greek...)

I'm trying - TRANSLATION: "I'm trying my absolute best to put on a happy face right now, when really I hate the world, I'm completely surrounded by crap, everyone sucks, you suck for starting this stupid conversation in your stupid 'la la la everything is perfect' voice and I'M HAVING THE WORST HAIR DAY OF MY LIFE! ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO ASK?? BECAUSE I'M TRYING, I'M REALLY TRYING TO HAVE THIS CONVERSATION WITH YOU INSTEAD OF RUNNING THROUGH THE STREETS SMASHING THINGS AND SCREAMING LIKE A LUNATIC, ALRIGHT?!"

It's possible I'm getting a little carried away with this but my point is, IF the objective is to give the impression that all is good when really it isn't...

then "I'm trying" actually ends up sounding a lot worse then if you just came out with it and said, 

"I'm shit today, but thanks for asking."

So that was just a little thought that's been rolling around in my brain for a few years big deal....

I'm doing great today, thanks very much! So I guess that means I'm not trying at all!! Nope, no that really does not work in the opposite direction.....

Ok, so Fun in the Kitchen is our topic today. Lets move onto that shall we? 

Last week we had a lovely group of ladies from Finland in the restaurant for a cooking class! 

Olympia showed them how to make stuffed calamari...

...they were a little freaked out about touching raw squid but as you can see, they were all good sports

Spanikopita was also on the agenda

Lefteris showed them a few things too, here he's frying the spinach and cheese pies

They also learned how to make Gigantes, the giant white beans in tomato sauce

And the students were very attentive...until I showed up with our little Eleni of course

I'm going to ruin this photo for Antonis and tell you that even though you can't see her, he's holding Eleni in front of him 
and that's why an entire room of women are staring his way with dreamy eyes and huge smiles...
Sorry babe, no matter how gorgeous you may be Eleni will ALWAYS steal the spotlight
 ...I promise I won't tell anyone else what's really going on here....

Mmmmmm! Fresh spanikopita and tiropita!

And finally after a job well done it was time to open the wine and dig in!

Today we were in another kitchen, but still having fun.....

Eleni has made it very clear over the last couple of days, that she's completely bored with her toys
So we made a new one

1 muffin tin + flour + oatmeal + a giant metal spoon + a plastic mat + 1 toddler = 1 hour of very messy fun!

examining what happens when you mix the flour with the oats....

testing what happens when you throw this mixture at mommy....

letting it run through her fingers....

doing a little dance with the spoon, because that's fun too...

now it's time to take a closer look.....

while deeply concentrating, it helps to stick one's tongue out

Mommy this is really fun!

yes of course she put some in her mouth....but she wasn't a fan

taste test #2....nope, still don't like it....

"Look Mommy, there's none left in the pan! I put it everywhere else! Did I win?"
Yes baby, you did. Now lets clean up and get ready for a nap....

After all that excitement, now we're nice and clean and reading a story before nap time

And she slept for 2 whole hours after that! 

We'll definitely be doing this again. Half way through Eleni got up, walked over to the baking cupboard where I keep the flour and oatmeal, pointed at it and yelled "MORE! MAMA MORE!" 

So cute!

Try to have a great day everyone! 
And if you're not, just throw some flour around the room and try not too smile about it...


  1. Tara!!!! Happy Birthday. I miss you soooooooooo much!! I can't believe how much Eleni is growing up. We need to get our skates on and come over.

    Jake and I have decided we will be over this summer as we feel we have missed so much out there. I will be able to tell you all my wedding plans! haha.

    Hope you have an amazing day and keep this blog updated missy.

    Will let you know once flights are booked.

    Love you lots

    Frankie xxxxxx

    1. Hey Frankie!!! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I died laughing reading Jake's....I knew he was a Corrie fan!

      I miss you too!! I'm so looking forward to seeing you guys this summer! And I'm soooo excited to hear about the wedding plans!!

      Lots of love to both of you!