Sunday, August 17, 2014

Alonia Taverna, our Restaurant

This week I finally got myself organized to create a facebook page for the restaurant. Well, truth be told I started the page about a year ago but I really only got as far as writing 'Alonia Taverna' before I gave up to watch the Kardashians or Coronation Street. Actually I got a bit farther then that. Under 'Address' I wrote something like '111 FixThisLater Street' with our postal code.....but at least the postal code was right. I think I might have put the phone number too. Anyway, the point is there was nothing on the page, but I fully intended to come back to it later and fill it up with photos and info and then send it out to everyone I know.....

.....but then people started finding the page....

....and these people started hitting that little 'Like' button with that little thumbs up that lets you know they've been there, they've seen your page, that page with nothing on it except that you're located on FixThisLater Street......

Huh. I didn't expect that to happen. 

So I decided I better say good-bye to the Kardashians and the Barlow's, grab my camera, and FixThisNow before too many more people discovered that I'm a procrastinator. 

Here are some photos from last night's live music. It was fun night, lots of people dancing (Antonis included) and drinking (me NOT included) and eating (oh yeah, I definitely did my share of that) and just having a good time. 

Full tables
Our Torstenos in the corner 

Mine and Nicole's feast!
Fava, aubergine salad, Greek salad, 
ladotiri saganaki (we ate that before I remembered to take a photo) 
and grilled sardines

Aubergine salad (left corner) 
and an almost empty plate of fava....that plate was licked clean 10 seconds later
mmmmmmmmm faaaaavaaaaaa....

I know many of you back home cringe at the thought of eating a fish with the head and tail still on
but let me tell you
it's amazing!
You don't have to eat the head or the tail, 
but when you cook a fish whole, and this goes for any fish,
it keeps the meat nice and moist

Some Turkish friends who visited us last year
Dancing up a storm

 More dancing

Go here to see a little more dancing from Antonis:

More food pictures
this is supposed to be up with the other food pictures but it doesn't want to move for me 
of course
so I'm just going to leave it here
lets all pretend that I meant to do the name of artistic expression?

More dancing 

And here's one from about a month ago
Eleni playing with her friend Antoinette from Holland, 
eating Oreo cookies and running around the restaurant
Antoinette's mom, Wendy, sent me a ton of photos of our 2 girls playing together in the restaurant
but I can't figure out how to get them onto the blog
....this one happened by some crazy miracle that I haven't been able to do again
I'll keep trying though....

So if you're on facebook, look for Alonia Taverna and give us a thumbs up. You can follow all of our yummy and exciting goings on from there. 

And just quickly to update you on life in general for us: all is good!

Eleni is great! Baba is just going to pick her up now from Yia yia and Papous. Antonis is great, but getting a bit tired from working his butt off everyday...and it's been 40 degrees here lately which makes things a little more difficult. I'm great too, feeling good, we have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, just a regular check up, so I'll let you all know how that went next week.



  1. Hey jerk face (kidding) - when are we gonna chat?!?! (not kidding)

    1. I'm really hoping soon!! We never seem to be online at the same time :( It also doesn't help that I don't even have the computer half the time.....I will never understand men and sports. You just watched the game, why do you have to look up stats and crap for hours after??? Anyway, I promise I'm trying and I'm sad it hasn't happened yet :( But I also promise I'll keep trying!